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We’d love to hear from you but, as Data Protection Consultants, it would be odd if we didn’t tell you how we use the personal information you provide as we communicate. Essentially, we’ll mainly use your personal data to provide you with the information and services you request but we also use it for own limited, strictly internal and lawful business purposes. We cannot provide all the information you need in this little box so please take a couple of minutes to read our website Privacy Notice before submitting this form.

Most courses can take up to 1 week on average however some will be much shorter.While others could take up to a month for the individual to complete based off the recommended lessons to do per sitting.

Different businesses have different needs when it comes to complying with Data protection laws for example tech businesses unlike most have to also comply with NIS as well as the standard GDPR laws.Having a course tailored to your business helps you and your employees understand the importance of GDPR and how it affects your business as whole.

We offer a massive variety of different services which could help your business but in order for you to be able to best idea of what would benefit you click here

The main USP our business possesses is the ability to tailor policies and training to your business needs.Whether you work in law, plumbing or entertainment every industry and business has their own needs. We can create policies which allows your business to abide by the laws that affect you and then teach you through different training programmes how to put them into practice.

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