Why does Data Protection matter?

The temptation is to think of Data Protection as a set of laws and regulations which need to be ticked off. Just another load of red tape.

This course, for example, has probably been assigned to you by your employer – just another thing to tick off so you can get on with your proper job.

Horror stories of fines and mass cyber breaches are not what Data Protection is about. Once fines and regulators become involved, something has already gone wrong and real people have been affected – people just like you.

The modern economy is founded on trust. There is more information about you floating around in the ether than ever before – more than you probably realise – and used incorrectly or in the wrong hands that information can have very real consequences for you.

Identity theft, discrimination, emotional distress, damage to your reputation and financial loss are all possible consequences for you if your information is misused, lost or inaccurate. They are all potential consequences for the very real people your organisation deals with on a daily basis.

Data Protection may seem to be about laws and regulations, but it is probably best thought of as showing your customers and the other people your organisation deals with that you can be trusted with the information they share with you.

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